Vishwa Guru Bharat is founded by Chamail Singh Thakur who is having a very strong vision of  bringing back the idea of making our country Bharat, The Vishwa Guru Bharat, he has been doing various research to achieve this with the team of people having the same vision



On 27th October 1992 at Jammu Mr. Chamail Singh S/O Sh. Gardhari Lal R/O Paddar, Distt. Kishtwar J&K, thought about this idea and why Bharat is not the Ram Rajya? Why Bharat is not the Vishwa Guru and then started working on this trust since then along with Rupali Sharma Dutta, Ankur Sharma Santosh Upadhyaya. After which Dhirendra Singh Yadav who supported during the year 2015 and then Nishant Kondal who supported during 2017-2018 along with Pankaj Sharma who supported us during 2019 with Sanveer Singh during 2019-2020.

After which our trust is leaded by Chamail Singh Thakur with Rupali Sharma Dutta, Ad. Ankur Sharma, Snatosh Upadhyaya, Shyam Kumar Pandey and Ad. Sanveer Singh.

After which we are leading a total of 108 departments volunteers and people who wants to see Bharat as Vishwa Guru Bharat. We are woking with Sadhu, Saint, Rishi-Muni and Guru and people from various departments.

Our trust is here with all of us for Global Mission like Art of Thinking, Peace, Unity, Prosperity Thinking Development, Education, Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, Humanitarian, Ethics of Life, Health, Wealth & Happiness public, charitable, educational and cultural purposes. WHEREAS it is the desire of the SETTLOR of the trust that the corpus of the trust may be further augmented from time to time by flow of funds and other assets including moveable and immovable and any other kind by way of gifts, donations, acquisitions, allotments, grant exchange or otherwise etc., WHEREAS the following persons are appointed to be trustees for holding and use the said property in trust for the purposes detailed in this trust deed.


Our Mission is to to restore the unity of humanity by inspiring, empowering and connecting people and leading the eternal order of peace and harmony by adopting Vedic Sanatan Sanskritik culture.


The vision of Vishwa Guru Bharat lies in restoring the eternal order by the means of our historical teachings and way of life, relevantly adopted into the current era of existence. Referring to reclaiming our heritage, knowledge and wisdom that our historical scriptures have bestowed upon us for many millennia; Making Bharat the path bearer of humanity also known as Vishwa Guru